I voted in honor of John Lewis and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I voted out of respect for the 215,000 Americans who no longer can because their lives were taken due to COVID-19. I voted because my husband and father are not losers for putting on a uniform and fighting for our country. I voted because my mother, because she is a woman, should not be considered a pre-existing condition. I voted because those with pre-existing conditions should have affordable healthcare. I voted because healthcare should be a right not a luxury for some. I voted as an out proud gay man and to make sure my marriage stays valid. I voted because my LGBTQIA brothers and sisters should not live In fear of losing their job, home or life. I voted because women should have control over their bodies. I voted because Black Lives Matter. I voted because I know there is systemic racism. I voted because children should never be put into cages and separated from their parents just because they are undocumented. I voted because I believe in science and I understand that we are causing the climate to change. I voted because my parents lives are more important than the stock market. I voted because there are no fine people in any white supremacy groups. I voted because I want my great nephews and niece to understand that the president should be one that has decency, compassion, integrity and a moral code. I voted proudly for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris because it was the right damn thing to do!